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So you want to know more about your favorite album cover artists? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

As part of our regular efforts to bring you closer to the people that create great album cover art, we’ve archived (look to the right-hand column on every page to see our latest posts) a series of interviews by ACHOF founder Mike Goldstein has done over the years which give you, the music and art fan, a look at “The Making Of” the illustrations, photographs and designs of many of the most-recognized and influential images that have served to package and promote your all-time-favorite recordings.

In each feature interview, we’ll meet the artists, designers and photographers who produced these works of art and learn what motivated them, what processes they used, how they collaborated (or fought) with the musical acts, their management, their labels, etc. – all of the things that influenced the final product you saw then and still see today.

In addition to these album art stories, Mike has worked with dozens of album art creators, authors, music marketing specialists, museum and gallery curators, film-makers and collectors to bring you “deep dives” into their own portfolios and collections, with these “Featured Artist Portfolios” and “Featured Fan Collections” often highlighting 8-10 of each interviewee’s favorite examples of album cover art and giving you, the reader, interesting and intriguing anecdotes about those works.

We hope that you enjoy these looks behind the scenes of the music-related art business and that you’ll share your stories with us and fellow fans about what role these works of art – and the music they covered – played in your lives.

Interviews with Album Cover Art/Creative Directors

Interviews with Album Cover Designers

Interviews with Album Album Cover Illustrators,Painters and Typographers

Interviews with Album Cover Photographers 

Other Interviews (authors, film-makers, curators, etc.)

Featured Artist Portfolio Interviews

Featured Fan Collection Interviews

Please note that some of Mike’s older interviews (2006 – 2011) are hosted on his original “RockPoP Gallery” blog on Typepad, but he continues to work to both update those with newer information and find new people/topics to serve as the basis of his ongoing interview series.  It’s easy to subscribe to notifications when there’s something new to read – just visit the ACHOF Facebook page or subscribe to the ACHOF site and you’ll be automatically notified whenever there’s a new posting.

All images featured in these stories are used with permission of the artists featured in each interview/feature – All rights are reserved. Except as noted, all other text Copyright 2012 – Present – Mike Goldstein & Album Cover Hall of ( – All rights reserved.