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Looking to buy or sell an album art print, or have it appraised for insurance purposes?

While we know the market well, we do not have an authorized or bonded appraiser on staff and so we cannot provide folks who are looking to buy or sell items with services to enable them to get the most “bang for the buck” from the purchase and/or sale of these goods.

Since our main goal here at the ACHOF is to educate and inform, it’s important for us to let you know that there are, however, a number of companies here in the U.S. and abroad that we’re aware of that are fully-equipped to help you if you’re looking to add to or sell items from your collection. All of these companies have been in business a long time and have both the staff and reputation to be able to help people realize the most from the purchase or sale of their art and memorabilia. You can visit the Websites for these companies and find information on them about how they can first help you determine the availability of the items you’d like (or the value of your collectibles) and then provide you with a method to buy or sell them, either via direct sale or auction. Also included in the list are the names of appraisers who specialize in rock music art and memorabilia, so if you’re looking to first understand the value of your collection before making a decision whether or not to sell – or if you’re needing appraisals for insurance purposes – these firms can be of great help to you as well.

While we have done business with many of these firms (purchases for our own personal collections), we are in no way endorsing any of these firms, so feel free to contact any/all of them in your quest to sell your items.  Regarding auction companies – I’ve listed a number of independent auction houses that have specialties dedicated to rock-related memorabilia. In addition to these firms, most of the large international auction houses – Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Bonham’s & Butterfield’s in the U.S. (and U.K.) and also Cooper-Owen in the U.K. – have entertainment memorabilia divisions and may also be able to help you locate items you’d like to add to your collection, as well as with appraisals and aid in selling your collectibles.

Best of luck to you in your efforts to expand or manage your collection. Of course, if you want to take some of your proceeds from your sales and bring them back to one of the galleries we have listed on this site to buy something new, we’re sure that they’d be more than happy to help you in that effort as well!

One final note – If you’re looking for a gift for a fan of album covers/album cover art, please reference the several articles we’ve published since 2013 that provide you with some ideas, suggestions and a list of places to find things.

While it’s been mentioned previously, I did want to note one last time – please understand that the businesses listed below are included for informational purposes only and their inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of them or the products they sell. Caveat Emptor! 

Album Cover Fine Art and Photography Galleries (retail and/or online) –

A Gallery – London, UK –

Gallery and publisher of album cover prints by new and established artists. The folks behind this gallery also run a second album art-related gallery called Album Artists –

Analogue Gallery – Toronto, Canada –

Founded in 2009, this gallery specializes in rock & roll-related fine art photography, with dozens of top artists represented in their collection.

The Art Hound Gallery – Burwash Manor, Cambridgeshire, U.K. –

In addition to rock-related fine art, his Pop Art specialist (“Where Urban Hip Meets Rural Chic”) is located in a converted barn building and is “packed to the rafters” with examples of Pop, Modern, Urban and neon art.

Art Photo Limited – Bordeaux, France –

Offers prints from noted photographers in several areas of concentration, with a nice selection of photos from a number of sources, including concert photographers and the archives of several publications.

Athena Album Art – York, U.K. –

Art publisher and retailer launched in 1964 and re-introduced a line of licensed album art prints in 2014.

Blender Gallery – Paddington, Sydney, Australia –

Established in 2001 and specializing in music/rock & roll-related fine art prints and photographs.

The Brook Gallery – Devon, UK –

Fine art print gallery with a nice selection of album art prints from established artists in the field

The Browse Gallery – Berlin, Germany – 

Multi-discipline fine art gallery with a large selection of album cover prints from artists all over the world.

Burst Gallery (was Music Poster Ltd.) – East Sussex, U.K. –

Christopher Lees’ virtual gallery offers several collections of rock music-related items (posters, fine art prints, etc.) from a number of designers/photographers

CCA Galleries – London, UK –

The online retail art/publishing arm of Christie’s (Christie’s Contemporary Art) represents and sells prints by a number of well-known modern artists

Fahey Klein Gallery – Los Angeles, CA, USA –

David Fahey and his staff are “devoted to the enhancement of the public’s appreciation of the medium of photography through the exhibition and sale of 20th Century and Contemporary Fine Art Photography” and represent several rock photographers.

The Flood Gallery – London, U.K. –

Boutique gallery in Greenwich Market offers posters, licensed album art prints, limited-edition music/art sets, books and more.

Fotografiska – Multiple locations, including Stockholm, Sweden; Tallinn, Estonia and New York City, NY, USA –

“A Museum Experience for the Modern World”, this organization stages exhibitions of fine art photography and offers a wide range of related programming and events.

Gallery 270 – Westwood, NJ, USA –

Full-service fine art photography gallery with a nice selection of music/rock & roll photography

Gary Lichtenstein Editions – Jersey City, NJ, USA –

Fine art photo and print artist, publisher and retailer (Cey Adams, Bob Gruen, more)

Govinda Gallery – Washington, D.C., USA – 

Owner/curator Chris Murray’s gallery was one of the first galleries to promote rock & roll photographs as fine art and has staged many shows featuring the work of top rock shooters over the years.

Heart of Gold Gallery – Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA – 

Art curator/collector Aaron Zych brings his love of rock photographers and their work to his gallery near Charleston.

House of Roulx – Peabody, MA, USA –

Publisher/seller of pop culture art/photo prints, including a selection of album cover images.

Hypergallery – Henley on Thames, UK –

London-area print publisher and gallery offering a wide range of rock & roll fine art prints and photographs.

Icon Gallery – Chicago, IL, USA –

Specializing in limited-edition, fine art music photography prints that celebrate the legacy of the world’s most-iconic musicians

Iconic Images – Dublin, Ireland –

Represents a number of well-known album cover photographers for editorial licensing and sells limited-edition prints of a number of their works.

Robert Kidd Gallery – Birmingham, MI, USA –

Fine art design/photo gallery featuring the works of a number of well-known graphic artists, rock photographers and musicians such as Elliott Landy, Bob Gruen, Milton Avery, Neal Preston, David Bowie and Steven Tyler.

Le Nouvel Opera – Paris, France –

Online gallery (with retail pop-ups) – curated by noted art director, film director  and guitarist Gilles Soulier – that specializes in selling fine art prints of well-known album covers.

Samantha Lewin Gallery – New York, USA –

Archival photo prints from artists including Nancy Andrews, Mick Rock, Baron Wolman and several other well-known rock/celebrity photographers.

Lightpower Collection – Paderborn, Germany –

Lighting and stage equipment distributor also promotes and sells prints from a top-notch group of rock and roll image-makers, with Neal Preston’s collection serving as its base.

Liss Gallery – Toronto, Ontario, Canada –

Contemporary art gallery offering fine art prints from a number of rock photographers, artists and musicians who create fine art.

Luz Fine Art Gallery – Foster City, CA, USA –

A collection of rock & roll art and photography curated by artist Luz and her husband James, who are also partners in the San Francisco Art Exchange.

M&R Entertainment Merchandising/Fine Art – Newport Beach, CA, USA –

Online gallery for this licensor and producer of rock-related photography

Masterpiece Art – London, UK –

An exclusive gallery and fine art advisory firm based in Holland Park, West London that includes a number of rock music-related items in their collection.

Mobile Art Disco Gallery – London, U.K. –

North London urban/street art gallery space with exhibitions year-round (part of The Archivist’s Gallery Group, along with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Wall of Fame).

Modern Rocks Gallery – Austin, TX –

Owner Steven Walker was guitarist for Modern English, but now displays collections of both rock photography and decorative rocks, minerals and crystals.

Morrison Hotel Gallery – NY, NY, USA –

Fine art music-related photo prints, curated by photographer Henry Diltz and partners. The gallery also has outposts in the Los Angeles area and in Fleetwood Mac founding member Mick Fleetwood’s Fleetwood’s General Store in Maui, Hawaii – – Las Vegas, NV, USA –

Music memorabilia seller who specializes in record awards, signed and unsigned memorabilia collages, signed instruments and other memorabilia.

Musichead Gallery (prior to 2023 AKA Mr. Musichead Gallery) – Los Angeles, CA –

Helping collectors since 1998. Located on Sunset Blvd. and representing a broad range (80+) of rock music-related artists and photographers.

The Music Photo Gallery – New York City, NY and Buenos Aires, Argentina – 

A gallery promoting the works of music industry photographers working in the U.S. and U.K. from the 1960s – 1980s

Outtake Gallery – Online gallery based in the USA –

A group of well-known rock and roll photographers have teamed up to offer limited-edition prints sourced from their archives that are different than those they typically offer at retail.

Punk Rock & Paintbrushes – CA, USA –

Founded in 2015 by Emily T. Nielsen, this collective’s mission is to “inspire the world through art and to spark artists by creating a collective of artists and photographers that think outside the box and who desire something more in life!” Most of the artists are also musicians.

Rock and Roll – CA, USA –

Limited edition prints of some of rock’s greatest images

Rock and Roll Photo Gallery – Basalt, CO, USA –

Run by rock photographer Lynn Goldsmith, this gallery features a nice range of editioned prints from nearly 30 prestigious music industry photographers.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Wall of Fame Gallery – London, UK –

London-based gallery space with exhibitions year-round featuring music-related graphic arts and photography (part of The Archivist’s Gallery Group, along with the Mobile Art Disco Gallery).

Rockarchive – London, UK –

Launched by photographer Jill Furmanovsky, specializing in rock & roll-related fine art photo prints

Rock Art Show – PA, USA (and on tour in various cities) –

Travelling rock & roll fine art exhibition (often works with radio stations in co-promotional efforts) – NY, NY, USA –

Fine art photography by many of the best-known rock & roll photographers

Rock Scene Auctions – New Jersey, USA –

Fine art photo gallery that donates a portion of its proceeds to the WhyHunger charitable organization

Rock Star Gallery – Scottsdale, AZ, USA –

Offering a wide variety of rock music-related art, photography and collectibles

San Francisco Art Exchange – San Francisco, CA, USA –

Long-running (est. 1983) gallery offering a broad selection of rock & roll-related fine art/photo prints

St. Paul’s Gallery – Birmingham, UK –

Gallerist and publisher of high-quality rock & roll fine art and photo prints

Snap Galleries – London, U.K. –

Guy White and his team are well-established specialists in rare and exclusive rock & roll photographs

Sonic Editions – U.K. –

Publishers of limited-edition prints from a number of well-known music & entertainment industry photographers

Visible Vibrations – San Mateo, CA, USA –

Collector Otto Zeilke shares his love for rock art, posters, toys, t-shirts and other memorabilia with fans everywhere. – WA, USA –

Specializing in album cover art prints, photographs, posters and other collectibles

Wall of Sound Gallery – Alba, Italy –

Photographer Guido Harari and his partner Cristina Pelissero’s gallery showcases the works of music industry photographers from around the globe.

Walnut Street Gallery – Denver, CO, USA –

Through their “Art of Rock & Roll” site, this gallery exhibits a broad range of rock art prints, including album cover art, photography and musician-created items

Whitebank Fine Art – London, U.K. –

Gallery and publisher of fine art photography, including the works of several shooters working in the music industry (Robert Davidson, Robert Dowling, others).

Zazoo Fine Art Gallery – Key West, FL, USA –

Fine art gallery with rock & roll-related art works from Bob Gruen, Terry O’ Neill, Baron Wolman and many others.

Album Cover Art Download sites –

Looking for album cover art for your iPod, Smartphone, computer music library, etc? Sorry, we don’t promote or sell this kind of album cover art, but the nice people at the AlbumArtExchange and are there to help with the largest libraries of high-quality images we’ve seen.

Appraisers –

Stephen M.H. Braitman (San Rafael, CA) – – 415-446-7208 – email –

Roger Epperson Authentication Ltd. (Houston, TX, USA) – – 713-664-7498 – email –

Gary Sohmers (Boston, MA) – Wex Rex Collectibles –  – 508-788-5474 – email –

Auction Companies –

American Memorabilia (Las Vegas, NV) –

Backstage Auctions (Houston, TX) –

Bonham’s (London and NY, NY) –

Christie’s (London and NY, NY) –

Heritage Auctions (Houston, TX) –

Julien’s Auctions (West Hollywood, CA) –

RR Auctions (Amherst, NH) –

Sotheby’s (London and NY, NY) –

Philip Weiss Auctions (Long Island, NY) –

For more information about current selling prices for rock show (“gig”) posters past and present, there’s a great place to find out more about the offerings of many poster artists. It’s called, so if you know the name of the artist who did a particular poster you’d like to know more about, this site is a great place to start.

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