About the Album Cover Hall of Fame – Voting Process

A sample of some of the images made by ACHOF nominees

Just who is the Album Cover Hall of Fame Voting Committee?

A notable-yet-anonymous group of scholars and fans of “the art of the album cover” (a voting body that, at any point, consists of 70 – 80 experts in the fields of packaging design, illustration, photography and music product and art marketing) have garnered their resources to establish the Album Cover Art Hall of Fame Voting Committee, whose goal is to recognize the contributions of those who have had a significant impact in the ongoing development and advancement of Rock, Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop (and related genre) album cover-related design, illustration and photography by inducting them into this Hall of Fame.

After our three initial Classes of Inductees were honored – with the process having begun in 2010 and the voting for our final “start-up” class having been completed in November, 2014 – the Committee continues the process each year – beginning in October, with results announced right before the start of the Holiday season here in the U.S.  – by selecting nominees in each of the featured categories for consideration by our voting body. Those nominees that receive the most total votes in their respective categories will be the ones inducted. Qualified individuals become eligible for induction 10 years after the publication of their first record album, CD, DVD or digital album cover image.

Criteria for nominations each category vary (based on the technical and artistic differences inherent in each category), but the overall focus will be based on the influence and substance of the nominees’ contributions to the promotion and sale of recorded rock and roll music products.

Current Nominee/Inductee Categories

  • Album Cover Photographers
  • Album Cover Illustrators (inc. those specializing in logos and typography)
  • Album Cover Designers
  • Album Cover Art Directors
  • Record Labels (those that best promoted the art of the album cover)
  • Musical Acts with a long-standing commitment to great Album Cover imagery
  • “Early Influencers” (note – this category is not voted on every year – names will be added as determined by a polling of voters)

Past Nominee/Inductee Category

  • Individual Achievement Awards (given to people who’ve stepped out of their regular areas of expertise to create a notable record cover) – suspended in 2016

To see the lists of past nominees and info on any upcoming voting, please continue on to the Nominee and Inductee Main Intro page.