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As you can see, there’s a lot to know once you’ve decided to learn more about album cover art and the people that make it. While some of you will want to simply read more about it – in books, on web sites, etc. – others will want to dig deeper and, if you’re like many of the writers and researchers that have contributed to the Album Cover Hall of Fame site, you might even want to start your own collection!

In this section, under each of the topics found in the drop-down menu, you’ll find a wealth of information and links to a wide range of topics that make up the wonderful world of album cover art. We’ve included articles on a variety of topics and links to books, web sites, articles, art galleries, and many other sources of related info, so take a moment to click on down – we’re certain that you’ll find more on the topics that interest you most.

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Info on Collecting Album Cover Art work

Album Art/Packaging Timeline & Overview

List of Album Art Credits for Best-Selling Albums

“Featured Fan Collection” Articles

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Article on Historic Record Art Exhibitions