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Our goal is to present interesting and great examples of album cover art and photography – and in-depth info on the people that create it – and hope that this sparks a conversation or two among album cover art fans like you.

If you’d like to know more about the ACHOF or have ideas about how we might better present the topic or curate these discussions, we’d ask you to let us know by contacting us via e-mail:

General inquiries, Submissions/Ideas for things we should consider presenting or adding to our site and technical support-related items should be sent to –

Based in the suburbs just north of Chicago, IL, the Album Cover Hall of Fame project was founded in 2010 by Michael Goldstein, a former television and interactive programming development, creative and production executive, past owner of the popular RockPoP Gallery online album art gallery and long-time collector of music-related artwork. After the gallery’s launch in 2005, RockPoP Gallery went on to help music fans and collectors worldwide add some of the most cherished images from the last 60+ years of rock n’ roll (albums, CDs, promotional materials, concert photography and other related imagery) to their collections. The gallery closed its doors in October, 2012 and Mike’s been working hard ever since on the ongoing research, writing and editing required to keep the site updated and informative.

Please direct any specific questions you might have about RockPoP Gallery’s remaining inventory to Mike G at the following email address –

5 responses to “ACHOF – Contact Us Page

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  2. Who was the artist that did Jack Bruce silver rails?

    • Hi there – the artwork for this album was licensed by the record label – Cherry Red Records Press, in the U.K. – from an artist by the name of Sacha Jafri who is, I’m told by a label rep, a favorite of Mr. Bruce. Hope this helps – thanks for your question – MG, ACHOF

  3. do you buy album covers

    • Noel – hello and thanks for your note. We are not a physical gallery, so we wouldn’t buy album covers.
      If you’re looking to sell album cover art prints, I’d suggest visiting our Buying & Selling Resources page – and then look for a dealer near you.
      If you’re looking to sell actual album covers (with or without the records), I’d contact a local vinyl dealer, or an auction house listed on the aforementioned page, or picking up a copy of Goldmine or Record Collector magazine to check out the dealer/buyer listings there.
      Hope this helps – let me know if you ever have any questions about the people featured here on our site. Mike G – Curator, ACHOF