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The Best of the “Best Album Covers of All Time” lists

The Best of the “Best Album Covers of All Time” lists
by Mike Goldstein, Curator, AlbumCoverHallofFame.com

(Updated 3-18-13, 1-11-14, 3-14-14 and 12/23/15 with additional information)

This article is the ACHOF’s special effort to show, overall, which album cover images that music fans (as represented in music and design mags, blogs and related reader polls) are the most-liked and appreciated. Over the years, there have been many lists done by genre/sub-genre, but we chose to focus on results from polls and/or sites with a long history of publishing stories on album cover art.

While it is always an exercise in futility to say which album covers are the “best” (akin to “who is your favorite child?”), your Curator was able to draw certain conclusions based on the covers that appear repeatedly in each list’s “Top 10” (as detailed below):

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