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Featured Album Cover Fan Collection – Conrad Swartz, The Insanitizers

Featured Album Cover Fan Collection – Conrad Swartz, about his covers for The Insanitizers

by Mike Goldstein, Curator, AlbumCoverHallofFame.com

April 3, 2014

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(The Insanitizers – Whimsical Surf CD cover)

Some of you may recall an article I’d written a couple of months back about Pozzie Mazerati’s “Red Arrow” campaign, which came about as a result of a posting I had done on the Musicpage.com web site looking to feature the personal album cover art collections of folks in the music business. I thought that it’d be interesting for my readers to learn more about how musical acts use album cover art to help promote their music and their “brands”, and so when I received a note from Conrad Swartz about the sources for the artwork he used on the covers of his own recordings (as part of a surf guitar band named “The Insanitizers”), I thought that I’d once again expand the definition of what I was looking to include in this site’s “Featured Fan Collections” section to show you the works Conrad used to create the eye-catching covers for his albums.

Since one of our stated goals here at the Album Cover Hall of Fame is to provide music art fans interesting and inspiring stories about album artists, album cover art and the roles that design and image-making have in the marketing and packaging of music today, I think that you’ll agree that Conrad’s covers are great examples of one artist being moved by the creativity of others. I asked Mr. Swartz to give us some of the specifics about each work of art that is featured on his covers and so, in his words, here are the details:

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