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Album Cover Hall of Fame News Update and Summary for October, 2020

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Album Cover Hall of Fame News Update and Summary – October, 2020


Posted October 1st, 2020 by Mike Goldstein, AlbumCoverHallofFame.com

Well, while I can’t say that I know how you’re all feeling these days, I’m quite certain that some of you are in the same shape I’m in – mentally exhausted, greatly disappointed by the greed, hate and hypocrisy put on display by many of our leaders (and the people that support them) and, frankly, wondering what our short-and-long-term futures might be. Try as I might to distract myself from the daily news cycle (and, how about that first Presidential debate?), it’s nearly impossible to avoid learning about the biggest stories (R.I.P. RBG) and then trying to keep myself focused on providing my readers the information they’ve (i.e., you’ve) come to rely on me for, so I must apologize for the somewhat-truncated list of things to read and enjoy that I’m presenting you today. I will reward you a bit later (either late this week or early next) with my long-promised interview with talented artist Faheem Majeed and, with any luck, I’m also going to launch the nominating/voting process for this year’s class of nominees and inductees (our 9th!) into the Album Cover Hall of Fame. My attention span seems just sufficient enough to have been able to gather basic info on nearly 100 more possible nominees, so the voting panel will have a heaping helping of new names to consider in this year’s effort.

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Album Cover Hall of Fame News Update and Summary – Early December, 2019

Album Cover Hall of Fame News Update and Summary – Early December, 2019

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By Mike Goldstein, AlbumCoverHallofFame.com

Dear Readers – This month’s summary will follow in my newest tradition – short intros and lots of links to the most-interesting stories I could find on the topic of album cover imagery and the people that make it. Prior to taking you through our regular news categories, I want to once again share several annual award announcements featuring honors bestowed upon the laudable people who make our favorite record album images and packages:

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Album Cover Art and Artist News Summary for the Month of December 2016

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So, we’re done with 2016 – let us all heave a sigh of relief. What a year.

While I typically have a lot to say in these intros, I find myself somewhat shell-shocked and, therefore, at a loss for words, so I suppose that, rather than ramble on meaninglessly, I should simply relate what’s new and exciting in the world of album cover artistry. Whenever I’m in a funk, I trek on over to my favorite art museum and find something to inspire. Several days ago, my wife and I set out on a trip to the fabled Chicago Art Institute and, on the way, stopped at the impressive Chicago Cultural Center (a must-see for classic Chicago architecture fans) and, much to my surprise, found an excellent show of the works of Harlem-based abstract expressionist painter Norman Lewis on display (PROCESSION: The Art of Norman Lewis is on display until January 8th – https://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/dca/supp_info/norman_lewis.html). Music – particularly, jazz – influenced a number of Lewis’ works (his brother Sol was a musician), and although he never did an album cover (at least, not to my knowing), it was uplifting to see such creativity and imagination on display that drew inspiration from the local music scene. And while Lewis didn’t garner the art world fame that many of his other WPA-era contemporaries did (Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, etc.), I am glad to have been able to discover his talents at this point in my life – it made me smile again.

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Album Cover News Recap – Late October/Early November, 2013

Album Cover News Recap – Late October/Early November, 2013

Here’s a recap of the most-recent album cover art and artist-related postings on the ACHOF site – we know that you’re busy getting ready for the upcoming Holiday season, but album cover news never sleeps, so here’s a summary of the most-interesting articles and press releases we’ve found in an easy-to-read

October 17 – While I admit to being a huge fan of heavy metal music, I did really draw the line at some of the more – how do I put it delicately? – disgusting offshoots of the genre (I do like some “death metal”, but then there’s some that’s a bit overboard). However, these genres have supported an entire sub-set of album cover artists, and while the subject material may be objectionable to some, the skill involved to create some of these images is undeniable and, as the ACHOF is to there to support album cover creators regardless of their clientele and subject material, it is important to be able to share the work of some of these folks. Making it easy for me today is OC Weekly writer Alex Distefano, whose
“10 Goriest Album Covers” article (warning – not for the easily-disturbed) lists the author’s “Top 10” in the genre – take a look, if you dare (perhaps I should have saved this for my Halloween posting).

October 24 – Wow – a week away, and so much to catch up on! Since I’m Portland-based, it only seems right to note the 10-year anniversary of the death of Ellliott Smith and to point you to an article by Emma Gallegos on the LAist site (originally posted in the Hollywood Reporter) in which the photographer
Autumn de Wilde recalls her photo for the cover of Smith’s Figure 8 record, taken in front of a mural found on a wall in LA’s Silver Lake area. Smith’s early solo records were on the PDX-based Kill Rock Stars label, and the singer lived in Portland from his early teens and returned after college to work and start his musical career. More on the mural, the photo and Mr. Smith via the link –

October 25 – Events, events everywhere! Here are the details –
1) Opening in late October at the CedarHurst Center (at the Mitchell Museum – Main Gallery) in Mt. Vernon, IL – the fine rock photography show (curated by the Columbus Museum of Art in Georgia) titled “Sound and Vision: Monumental Rock ‘n’ Roll Photography, featuring the works of Danny Clinch, Joel Brodsky, Jim Marshall, Mick Rock, Pennie Smith, Jurgen Vollmer and over 20 others, on display there until December 31 – http://www.cedarhurst.org/index.php?mact=Calendar%2Ccntnt01%2Cdefault%
2) At The Proud Archivist Gallery in London, album cover fans will be treated to a new exhibition of the work of the late Storm Thorgerson and Hipgnosis titled The Gathering Storm. On Sunday, the 27th of October, Storm Studios artists Peter Curzon, Dan Abbott and Rupert Truman were on hand to sign copies
of the new exhibition book. Related activities later this year include a showing of Roddy Bogawa’s Taken By Storm film and a do-it-yourself “Live Liquid Album Art” event.

October 28 – YES, Deep Purple and Peter Gabriel are among the top vote-getters so far in the voting for the upcoming class of inductees for the R&R Hall of Fame – I’m hoping that the folks who do the actual inducting take this to heart as they cast their own votes…While note quite the same in terms of importance to music fans, there was a recent article posted on Canada’s Huff Po site in which the authors posted their choices for the “Sexiest Album Covers from the 50’s to Now” and, I think you’ll agree, they presented quite the collection of classic “sexy” album cover images – both sexes are represented (everyone has their favorite eye-candy, right?), with many a memorable image for fans of
all ages. I’ll cast my votes for my own personal “Top 3” – will you do the same?
1) Pixies – Surfer Rosa
2) Ohio Players – “Honey”
3) Ween – Chocolate & Cheese
Plus, two thumbs up for the “Seal” – a classic shot –

October 29 – One of the things I’m reminded of with Lou Reed’s passing over the weekend was the impact of the Velvet Underground & Nico‘s album cover (with art by Andy Warhol) on album packaging going forward. If you’ll recall, the original pressing of the album featured a cover that included a “peelable” banana which, at the time, caused quite the stir with the censors. The intricate production process raised the bar for innovative packaging going forward, detailed today in the HuffPost Arts & Culture section, reachable via the link –
While the record wasn’t a huge seller when released, it’s importance is unmistakable.

October 30 – While I try hard not to promote articles that smack of “who is the most deserving” to be honored in any hall of fame, I did want to highlight this recent article on Esquire’s blog where they chose the “best” album covers associated with this year’s list of possible inductees into the R&R Hall of Fame.
To view their list, please visit

While, overall, I do like many of their selections, I would like to suggest some alternatives to consider for some of them:
Deep Purple – In Rock or Burn
KISS – Destroyer or Dynasty
LL Cool J – Mamma Said Knock You Out
YES – Tales From Topographic Oceans or Relayer
Any of you who’d like to add your suggestions, please do.

October 31 – Album cover art licenses will never cease to amaze me – in this latest example, the folks at Bloomingdale’s – as part of their ongoing tribute to the U.K. and The Beatles – now offer a complete selection of clothing, accessories and silk scarves (at $150 each, or $1995 for a limited edition – by
Turnbull & Asser – of 15 scarves, including the 13 original U.K. LP covers plus 2 bonus scarves with White Album promo art from Billboard Magazine). Also included in the collection are photos from Rock Paper Photo by Astrid Kirchher and Henry Grossman and a very cool Sgt. Pepper‘s umbrella by London
Undercover. Can’t wait to see these on photos in the NY Times “Style” section…

Please be sure to check out our news feed (on the ACHOF home page) or sign up for the prompt delivery of these stories via our site or our Facebook page. Back to you with an update mid-month.