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Interview with author Matthew Chojnacki about his book Put The Needle On The Record

Interview with author Matthew Chojnacki about his book Put The Needle On The Record by Michael Goldstein – January, 2013

Put The Needle On The Record by Matthew Chojnacki

Put The Needle On The Record by Matthew Chojnacki







Greetings from your Curator. I was introduced to Matthew and his book late in 2012 via a mutual friend, Fritz at the AlbumArtExchange.com web site. While I tend to cover more of the historical aspects of album cover art, design and photography, Fritz presents new album cover artwork every day, presenting info and commentary on both the artwork and how it reflects on today’s best (or worst) efforts in the field, but it only makes sense that we’re both interested in, and passionate about, the stories and the people behind the work, so his introduction of Matthew and his book was bound to tweak my interest to find out more about him and the inspirations behind his writing it.

When it was released in September, 2011, Put The Needle On The Record was the immediate recipient of much critical praise, ending up on many a “Best Of” list of 2011’s most-important books about music, art and Pop Culture. Containing info on hundreds of record sleeves and interviews with a wide range of people involved in the creation of these works – from Annie Lennox to Gary Numan to Yoko Ono – and with a foreword by Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters and an afterword by Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes, this book has been awarded with a whole host of prestigious book awards, including those from the New York Book Festival, London Book Festival, Paris Book Festival, San Francisco Book Festival and many, many others.

As I child of the 1960’s who has deep-seated feelings about the influences – both good and bad – that the 1980’s had on music, art and Pop Culture, I thought that, in an effort to expand my understanding of this era (and, perhaps, appreciate it a bit more), it would be important to take in the views of someone who grew up during those times and could present a more open-minded overview of the period to both me and my readers, so it is with this hope to build an inter-generational bridge that I posed these questions to our distinguished interviewee….

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