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Info on the 2012 Grammy Award nominees in the packaging categories

A little bit about the 2012 Grammy Award nominees in the packaging categories…updated with info on the Winners!

This year’s nominees in the packaging category included a wide range of talents – a few past nominees and winners, a number of U.S. and international design firms, some designers working directly for the musical acts represented and, as we’ve seen from past examples including folks like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, the handiwork of the musicians themselves, showing us that there’s more to their creative talents than just great songwriting skills.

You can view the offical list of the winning works from previous Grammy Awards events on the Grammy website (http://www.grammy.com/nominees/search?artist=&title=&year=All&genre=22), but here’s a bit of background on each of this year’s winners and nominees – an impressive group of creative individuals, for sure!

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Awesome Album Covers – UFO’s Mechanix

Intro to “Awesome Album Covers – UFO’s Mechanix”, by Michael Verity

album cover UFO Mechanix John Pasche

UFO Mechanix album cover, by John Pasche

When I saw this story, I knew that it would have to be one that would have to be featured on our site as it focuses on, at least for your friend The Curator (that’s me!), two important main characters:

1) The rock band UFO – an under-appreciated (at least, here in the U.S.) ensemble that created some of the best-loved tunes of my early adulthood (Phil Mogg certainly knew how to write songs with a catchy chorus, and I’m certain that I wore through more than one copy of Lights Out in my college dorm room), and

2) The graphic designer John Pasche – a talented UK-based graphic artist, one of the principals in the ongoing saga of “just who really did design the Lips and Tongue logo for the Rolling Stones” and, for me as a writer, one of the first people kind enough to work with me on an interview about album cover art.

The album met with a fair amount of success in the UK, hitting #8 on the album charts, driven by the popularity of three singles – “Back Into My Life”, “The Writer” and “Let It Rain”. In the US, it rose to #82 on the Billboard album charts, with “Back Into My Life” getting some airplay. The band toured, with original bassist Pete Way leaving immediately thereafter. A slightly-reconstituted UFO released one more record (Making Contact) in 1983 and then split to pursue other opportunities, getting back together at various times, in various configurations over the past 25+ years to record and tour.

Mechanix was re-issued in 2009 with enhanced album packaging, including photos by Ross Halfin and illustrations by David Juniper.

To read “Awesome Album Covers: UFO’s Mechanix”, simply click on this link – http://www.fusion45.com/awesome-album-covers-ufos-mechanix/

Awesome Album Covers – Laurie Anderson’s Big Science

Today’s featured Awesome Album Cover – Laurie Anderson – Big Science, a 1982 release on Warner Bros. Records.

Laurie Anderson - Big Science Album Cover

Laurie Anderson – Big Science Album Cover

Today’s posting comes courtesy of writer Michael Verity and is from his Awesome Album Covers series. We’re happy to be working with Michael and look forward to featuring more of his album cover articles on the Album Cover Hall of Fame.com site.

Big Science was the debut album by NY-based performance artist Laurie Anderson. Driven by the success of the single “O Superman”, the record was her first on Warner Brothers Records, delivered as part of a 7-album deal with the label.  The record features a number of selections highlighting her eight-hour (mostly spoken-word) production titled United States Live, which was later available in its entirety as a 4-record set.

The record’s Art Director, Perry Hoberman, also provided a number of the sound effects and played several of the instruments heard. Hoberman is an award-winning  installation, media and performance artist and educator who has been exhibited internationally in galleries and museums throughout the US and Europe. His work has been honored with many awards, including the 1995 Interactive Media Festival, the 1999 Prix Ars Electronica, and the InterCommunication Center ICC Biennial 99. In addition,  Hoberman was both a 2002 Guggenheim Foundation Fellow and a 2002 Rockefeller Foundation Media Art Fellow.

He has taught and/or worked as a visiting artist at the Cooper Union School of Art, the San Francisco Art Institute, the California Institute of the Arts and the graduate Computer Art Department in the school of Visual Arts in New York. He is currently an Associate Research Professor in the Interactive Media Division at the University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television (where he heads S3D@USC, the Center for Stereoscopic 3D at the School).

The cover image was photographed by Greg Shifrin, one of the record’s producers and engineers.

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Awesome Album Covers is an ongoing series created by Michael Verity, a writer, photographer and producer living in Portland, OR. His first photographs were taken with a Kodak Instamatic. His first record review applauded the “palpable energy” of Robert John’s version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” He lives on a farm with his wife, three children, four dogs, two cats and several thousand albums that never quite find themselves in alphabetical order. You can see his work at michaelverity.com and fusion45.com.

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