Musical Acts Who Supported Great Album Art Nominees – ACHOF Class of 2014

Nominees for the “Musical Acts Who Supported Great Album Art” category – ACHOF Class of 2014

Of course, without the patronage of musical acts and their record labels, there would be no great album cover art, but there were some acts that “got it” better than others and used their cover imagery to both help set the mood for the music packaged inside and build a deeper bond with their fans and potential fans.At times, a great album cover image could be a powerful enticement to shoppers browsing the racks at their favorite record store, whereas some fans of a band viewed them as “rewards” given to those who’d waited patiently for an act’s next release.

With the strong connection evident between the visual and aural arts, it only seems natural that musicians would find kindred spirits in the men and women tasked to produce the images for their recorded music.

All nominees have their first full-length record releases listed some time during the years 1990 – Present.

Name of Musical Act – link to discography

Please note – I’ve included links to each act’s discography on as this site provides album art imagery for each release (thumbnails which expand when you roll-over them with your cursor).

Arcade Fire

Beastie Boys





The Roots


To see the complete list of this year’s inductees – including the winners in this category – please click here.

To see a complete list of this year’s nominees in all categories, please click here.

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