Nominated Illustrators – Class of 2013

Nominated Illustrators – ACHOF Class of 2013

All candidates have their first album cover credits listed during the years 1976 – 1990. If a nominee candidate has a substantial number of credits in more than one category, he/she are listed in both categories.

Andie Airfix (D & I) – Notable album cover credits include – Led Zeppelin – Early Days/Later Days, BBC Sessions and DVD; Robert Plant – Dreamland and Sixty-six To Timbuktu; Def Leppard – Hysteria, Pryromania and Adrenalize; Metallica – Cunning Stunts, Load, Re-Load, Garage Inc, Hero Of The Day and S&M; The Thompson Twins – Close To The Bone and In To The Gap; Paul McCartney – The McCartney Years; IQ – Are You Sitting Comfortably?; Various Artists – Live 8

Hugh Gilmour (D & I) – Notable album covers include – Tony Iommi – Fused; Whitesnake – Live at Donnington and Good To Be Bad; Glenn Hughes – This Time Around; Hawkwind – Live ’74; Motorhead – Stone Deaf Forever! andProtect The Innocent; The Bonzo Dog Band – New Tricks; Marillon – This Strange Engine; Bruce Dickinson – Tyranny of Souls, Anthology and Alive; The Strangles – Sessions; Black Sabbath – Greatest Hits

Peter Lloyd (I) – Notable album cover work examples – Jefferson Starship –Dragonfly; Rod Stewart – Atlantic Crossing; Kansas – Song For America and Audio Visions; Graham Central Station – My Radio Sure Sounds Good To Me; Ronnie Laws – Pressure Sensitive

James Marsh (I) – Notable album cover works include – Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden, Laughing Stock and After The Flood; Jamiroquai – Emergency on Planet Earth ; The Lovetones – Lost;  Steeleye Span – Now We Are Six 

Dave McMacken (I) – Notable album cover work – Frank Zappa – Over-nite Sensation and 200 Motels, AC/DC – Ballbreaker, Warrant – Dog Eat Dog, Weather Report –Black Market, The Beatles – Reel Music, Steve Miller – The Joker; Kansas – Leftoverture; Journey – Raised on Radio; The Beach Boys – Friends; Various Artists – Nadia’s Theme (The Young & The Restless)

Jamie Reid  (I) – Notable album cover work examples – The Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks…Here’s The Sex Pistols, Anarchy in the U.K., The Great Rock and Roll Swindle and God Save The Queen; Afro Celt Sound System – Volume 1:Sound Magic, Volume 2:Release and Release Remixes, Vol.1; Billy Childish – Thatcher’s Children

Derek Riggs (I) – Notable album cover art credits include – Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden, Killers, Number of the Beast, Piece of Mind, Power Slave, Somewhere in Time, Live After Death, No Prayer For The Dying and Brave New World; Stratovarius – Infinite and Elements Pt. 1 & Pt. 2; Budgie – Nightflight; Bruce Dickinson – Accident of Birth; Gamma Ray – Power Plant

Gerald Scarfe (I) – Notable album cover work examples – Pink Floyd – The Wall, Shine On and Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall: Live 1980-1981; Roger Waters – Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking  

Winston Smith (I & AD) – Notable album cover work examples – Dead Kennedys – In God We Trust. Inc., Plastic Surgery Disasters, Frankenchrist, Bedtime For Democracy and Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death; Green Day – Insomniac; One Hit Wonder – Outfall; NRA – New Recovery; Storm, Inc. – Calm Years; Ben Harper – White Lies For Dark Times; Jello Biafra – If Evolution Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve

Hugh Syme (D & I) – Notable album cover credits include – Def Leppard –Retroactive; Megadeth – Countdown To Extinction and Youthanasia; Supertramp – Some Things Never Change; Celine Dion – Live A Paris; Aerosmith – Get A Grip; Rush – All album covers since 1975: Quiet Riot – QRIII; Whitesnake – World Trade, Slip of the Tongue and 1987; The Band – Jericho; Slaughter – Stick It To Ya; Alice Cooper – A Fistful of Alice

To see the complete list of this year’s inductees, please click here.

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