ACHOF – Nominated Designers

Nominated Designers – 

The initial list of nominees includes designers who created the principal images used on record album covers released between the years of 1960 to 1975. While in the voting for the initial Class of 2012 the categories of Designers and Art Directors were combined,  please note that, beginning with the Class of 2013, we have separated this category into two – one for designers and one for art directors.

Designers are responsible for the overall design, however it is determined that it will be created. Working with the project’s Art Director and, in many cases, one or more specialists (illustrators, painters, photographers, typographers, packaging designers, etc.) assigned to the project as well. They must be creative, have a strong visual sense and an understanding of the importance of the term “originality”. The designer may also take on one or more of the roles previously listed, as well.

As it is that the finished image will in many cases also be used in related items (advertising, websites, books, stage props, posters, t-shirts and other merchandise, etc.), this role requires that the designer also possess a good understanding of a client’s image (now known as “the brand”) and the business implications of their efforts. A designer must also understand their role on the project team and should, therefore, be willing to work hand-in-hand with the client reps/other team members to amend his/her work as needed to ultimately please the client.

We’ve listed the nominees alphabetically and have included a short list of examples of their work, along with link to sources of additional information about the nominees’ backgrounds.

Please note – in most cases, the nominee’s portfolio of music industry-related work goes well beyond the samples listed next to his/her name and will usually include: a) works that were used elsewhere in/on a musical act’s record (back cover, inside gatefold, CD booklet, etc.), b) newspaper/magazine/book illustrations and c) related uses (merchandise, gig posters, etc.). While a nominee’s work might be exceptional in any/all of those categories, we asked our voters to stay focused on the nominee’s album cover works. We are not able to list all of a nominees works, as some have produced hundreds or thousands of examples, so if you’d like to view more of a nominee’s work in this area, we invite you to visit the links provided, or reference one of the many books/web sites used during the research phase of the ACHOF nominating process.

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