Individual Achievement Award Nominees – Class of 2013

Individual Achievement category Nominees – ACHOF Class of 2013

Included in this category are designers, illustrators, photographers and art directors who, while not working primarily in the music-packaging field, created a memorable album cover. In some cases, the nominee may have had his/her career cut short due to illness or death (a condition that seems to have plagued the burgeoning recorded music industry), while in other examples, an artist’s talents in one specialty were noted and they were then asked to apply those talents in some unique way to an album cover project. In more than one instance, the nominee was a friend/relative/business associate/guru of someone related to the featured musical act and, therefore, entrusted with this important responsibility.

Regardless of the circumstances, each nominee has left an indelible mark on the art of the album cover.

Name, Specialty, Musical Act, Title of Record 

Catherine Kanner (Illustrator) – Noted album cover work – Bob Dylan – Slow Train Coming (Columbia Records, 1979)

Kirk Weddle (Photographer) – Noted album cover work – Nirvana – Nevermind (DGC Records, 1991)

To see the complete list of this year’s inductees, please click here.

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