4 responses to “Why Bother With Bots? Album cover journalism in the age of Artificial Intelligence

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  2. And Sir Peter Blake “is most widely credited as the designer of” the Sgt. Pepper cover. But “most widely credited” doesn’t make it true. Ask Jann Haworth, Pepper’s co-creator, who only recently has also become “widely credited” as the cover’s co-designer. Assigning credit is one thing (any hack can do it); deserving it is another matter.

    • Ken – thanks for your comment. Those of us who’ve worked in the entertainment and media businesses have all seen examples of people either being given – or outright taking – credit for work they worked on only peripherally, if at all. I’m reminded of the first Grammy Award handed out for Best Album Cover back in 1959, when the category was called “Best Recording Package”. The winner was art director Frank Sinatra for the album Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely, with the actual artwork done by Nicholas Volpe. Volpe got a check, Sinatra took the Grammy. In any case, I’m curious to see how/whether these tools improve over time and if their answers become a bit more nuanced. In the meantime, you and I and other writers working in the field can still provide our readers a service with well-resourced stories about album art and the people that make it. Happy Holidays to you. MG