ACHOF Breaking News for April 13th, 2022 – Auction/Sale Update

Album Cover Hall of Fame’s Breaking News for April 13th, 2022 – Auction/Sale Update, by Mike Goldstein

With two interesting auctions on line now that end before the end of April, I felt compelled to share these with you ASAP – happy hunting!

a) The venerable Bonham’s auction house has just launched a new online-only auction (Bonham’s: Hip-Hop Online) that is a must-take-a-look-at event for collectors of everything hip-hop related. Curated by the equally-venerable Howard Kramer (former chief curator at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame), this auction includes a number of items produced by some of the top photographers (Mannion, Mark Seliger, Jesse Frohman, Clay Patrick McBride, David Corio, Sunny Bak and many others) whose works have been used on some of the genre’s best-known album covers, along with scores of classic posters and related bits of rare memorabilia (I’m particularly fond on Lyle Owerko’s homages to the king of 80s playback technology, the boombox).

Browse through the collection via this link – The auction comes to a close at 10:00 EDT on the 21st of April, so waste no time and take a look ASAP.

a) There’s a new Gotta Have Rock and Roll Pop Culture (Spring) auction that launched April 13th that contains several notable album art-related items, including some nice Herb Worthington Fleetwood Mac photos and prints (inc. lot 189, which was featured on the back cover of Rumours) and some unique KISS items, featuring several pieces of original production artwork including – hold your breath, KISS fans – Lot 661, which is Ace Frehley’s original 1973 KISS logo artwork (starting bid – $50,000) and not one but two Love Gun album art comps (lots 511 and 512) drawn by fantasy artist Ken Kelly. Over 1200 items are included in this auction that runs through April 29th –

I’ll be sure to provide you all with summaries of both of these sales in my next monthly newsletter. Until then, I remain, sincerely yours, Mike G.

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