Album Cover Hall of Fame Breaking News for March 15, 2022 – Award Show Update

The winners of the Making Vinyl Packaging Awards have been announced, and they are…

Posted March 15, 2022 by Mike Goldstein,

After a several-month-long organizing, reviewing and voting process, the folks behind the Making Vinyl Packaging Awards have just announced the winners of the most-recent competition and, as both a participant in the process and as a fan of great work in the field of record packaging, I have to say that this year’s list (in the 15 categories represented) is an impressive and inspirational one. What’s all the more enjoyable to see is that musical acts and record labels both large and small have been included in the ”Best X” selections and that art producers both famed and up-and-coming will have their works admired by fans all over the world.

I’m going to highlight just a few of the winners here and then invite you all to click on over to a page on the Making Vinyl Packaging Awards site where you’ll find the complete list and all of the details on the winning designs –

Winning the coveted “Best of Show” award was the team at Key Production for their amazing, mixed-media limited-edition package that gave fans of Muse’s Simulation Theory album a truly comprehensive live tour package, presenting pink/blue marbled vinyl LPs, an HD 5.1 DTS Master Audio Blu-ray of the film, a fluorescent pink audio cassette of the film’s score, posters, a comic book and more in a beautifully-printed and laminated box.

Hearty congratulations are due to a team of talented individuals at iam8bit for their work on Robin Beanland’s 3LP vinyl soundtrack set for Sea Of Thieves (with album art by Haley “bbanditt” Wakefield), the winner in the “Best Record Art” category. In addition to the tropical colors featured on the vinyl records (with pop-up center labels – how cool is that?), the records are packaged inside a 24-page, wonderfully-illustrated story book, with art by Vivian Shih.

Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is the 2021 studio album by British rapper Little Simz (released by Age 101 Music and AWAL), and Jeremy Ngatho Cole’s Creative Direction and Design, combined with the stunning photographs by Nwaka Okparaeke, so impressed the judges that it won in the “Best Vinyl Album LP Cover – Photograph” category.

There’s info on both the winners and the runner-ups in the dozen other categories featured in this year’s battle for package design supremacy, so please be sure to visit the Making Vinyl site at to see them all. Nothing to beware of on this Ides of March (other than perhaps to having your minds blown by the range and quality of the talent on display there!).

That’s all for now – be sure to be on the lookout for more Album Cover Artist/Art news in my next ACHOF newsletter.

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