Album Cover Hall of Fame Breaking News for January 28, 2022

posted January 28th, 2022 by Mike Goldstein,

While there will still be a complete monthly newsletter published next Tuesday, February 1st, there were a couple of timely items that you just have to see…

AWARD SHOW NEWS)  One award show only slightly postponed (for three weeks) by COVID has just announced the winners of their most-recent polling/judging and, I have to say, this year’s winners of the Best Art Vinyl Awards are three expertly conceived and produced images and well worth the wait. The winners were announced during a ceremony on January 27th at the Hari Hotel in London, where they’ll be on display in the venue’s front window – along with the other 47 nominated designs – through the 10th of February.

The Best Art Vinyl 2021 Top 3 Vote-Getters (L to R – Fever Dreams, Future Past and All The Right Noises)

The public vote awarded first place to Brighton artist Paul Phillips at True Spilt Milk Designs for his unique, interchangeable artwork used on the cover of the Villagers’ fifth studio album Fever Dreams, with Phillips receiving the coveted designers’ prize at a presentation event this evening. The artwork edged out Pop legends Duran Duran’s cover for their 15th studio album, Future Past, which in second place blends and brightens a pair of originally black and white images by Japanese photographer Daisuke Yokota. In third place was photographer Jason Joyce’s image for the English hard rock band Thunder’s thirteenth studio album, All The Right Noises, featuring a stunning and entirely un-touched final capture of the Singing Ringing Tree sculpture in Burnley, Lancashire, U.K..

There will be a longer article on this topic in the upcoming newsletter, but I’d also like to point you to a nice summary that was recently posted on the DesignWeek (U.K.) site that should give you all you need to know about these three great examples of the current state-of-the-art in album cover design –

NEW PRINT RELEASE/SIGNING OPPORTUNITY) The popular rock band Styx is celebrating its 50th Anniversary with a tour – launching this week with a five-show residency (January 28th thru February 5th, with Heart’s Nancy Wilson also on the bill) at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas – and the release of two commemorative prints done by the prolific album cover artist Ioannis, produced in cooperation with the nice people at the UK’s Hypergallery. Those in attendance while the band’s in Las Vegas will have the opportunity to buy these limited-edition, signed prints and then have them counter-signed by the current members of the band.

Ioannis signing a copy of his Return To Paradise cover art (courtesy of Hypergallery)

Printed in editions of 100, these 22 x 21-inch prints will retail for £440.00 (approx.. $590.00) and feature the artwork Ioannis did for the band’s Return To Paradise and Brave New World albums and can be pre-ordered now (while supplies last) at  

That’s all for now – see you early next week with my full news summary. Enjoy your weekends.

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