Album Cover Hall of Fame Breaking News Update for December 16, 2020

ACHOF Breaking News update 12/16/2020,
by Mike Goldstein,

Here are several timely bits of info that just couldn’t wait until the next monthly update:

a) December 16th of this year marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of classical composer Ludwig von Beethoven in Bonn, Germany and, as I just read in a brief story posted by Juxtapoz Magazine on the topic (, another genius in his own right – designer John Van Hamersveld – has teamed up with the Detroit, Michigan-based specialty art publisher 1XRUN to release a set of very limited-edition art prints featuring JVH’s well-known depiction of LVB. Originally one of two works John created of important classical composers (the other being Mozart), the image was used as the basis of several prints and posters he’s released over the years, including one he did for the New West Symphony’s 2006 “Masterpieces” concerts.

Until supplies run out, collectors can now select one of four variations he’s created –  available as individual prints (titled Fur Elise Edition, Fidelio Edition, Ode To Joy Edition and Moonlight Sonata Edition and priced at only $75 each), with all four included in a specially-priced set (a steal at only $250/set). The prints are 18” square and each is signed and numbered by both the artist and the publisher.

As the proud owner of several JVH prints, including one of a modern genius – the late guitarist, Jimi Hendrix, first seen on one of John’s late 1960s Pinnacle posters – I can tell you that they’re really quite beautiful, so why not celebrate Beethoven’s birthday by getting yourself a present –

b) Noted record designer Spencer Drate has just announced the release of the first episode in a new edition of his ongoing “Designing For Music” video series (named after his popular 1992 book featuring insights and info on all aspects of design for clients in the music industry). The first episode finds Spencer talking with radio personality Zach Martin about examples of album covers from his own expansive portfolio of work (Ramones, Talking Heads, Billy Squire and others), giving viewers the details about both his inspirations for each work and “who did what” in the final productions. Ongoing episodes will find Spencer presenting examples of covers he did in collaboration with his design partner (and wife) Judith Salavetz and then dozens of examples of work he’d like us to know more about as examples of fine album package design.

Watch the episode on the NewHDTV YouTube site –

c) Next January 10th is the fifth anniversary of the sad passing of rocker David Bowie (!!) and so the team at the U.K.’s Hypergallery have worked to commemorate the date by putting together a month-long show of works by several artists, including former Polydor Records art director Vincent McEvoy, artist and illustrator Terry Pastor (of Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust album cover fame), noted photographer Christopher Makos and several others, that can be seen either/both online or in-person in their print room in Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, west of London.

Prints from the show can also be purchased, with prices that range from as little as £90.00 up to several thousand GBPs, so there’s something to fit everyone’s budget. To see what’s up and available, click on over to their site at

That’s all for now – more to come after the first of the New Year. Enjoy your Holidays (in a safe and sane fashion, of course – it’s still dangerous out there!). MG

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