Album Cover Hall of Fame Special-Edition News Release, v.2 – Holidays, 2019-2020

Album Cover Hall of Fame Special-Edition News Release, v.2  – Holidays, 2019-2020

Quickie Update – December 28, 2019, by Mike Goldstein,

2015 & 2019 Yuletide CDs by David Larkham






a) The coming of a new year reveals that I’m continuing to lose my mind…After posting my News Release yesterday, I turned to look at my printer and found that I’d forgotten to scan in the covers for two self-published music CD packages I recently received from famed album cover designer/illustrator David Larkham, so here’s that image (see above) and a little bit of background info about them. As David tells it – “A number of years ago, rather than sending out the usual ‘Best Holiday Wishes’ at Christmas, I thought I’d do a seasonal CD for friends and family. I selected a few off-the-wall, obscure yuletide tracks (as opposed to the standard December ‘shopping mall muzak’) and then added a personal ‘album cover’…I’m a painter who got side-tracked by the music industry, and since I’m the ‘client’ in these annual projects, I get to stretch my creative legs with an occasional painting (or, sometimes, I get into a photography or illustration mode) and, perhaps, combine those with computer-generated images. One recent approach included combining my painting of Santa with a graphics background created on my computer. This went down so well that it’s become an annual thing for me…”

For those of us who were involved in the creation and embellishment of customized mixtapes, it was so cool to see what one might look like done by a truly talented artist, and I’m happy to be able to share this with you (with David’s permission, of course). For a brief overview of Mr. Larkham’s impressive portfolio, I invite you to visit his under-construction web site at

b) Over the years, the album cover collage produced by Sir Peter Blake, Jann Haworth and Michael Cooper for The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s album has served as the inspiration for derivative works done in the same style, including many parodies and even several newer versions produced by Blake and Haworth based on different source materials. Several years ago, an artist by the name of Chris Barker began what’s become an annual effort to honor those who’ve died during the current year – celebrities from all walks of life – using a Pepper’s-style collage as his way of making note of these passings. In a recent article I found on The Poke (U.K.) site – – you’ll get to see this year’s work (produced with the aid of retoucher Carl Price), delivered along with a handy chart identifying the 97 whos and whats that are included. The article also includes images of the past several years’ creations done by Barker as well. While I’m eager to see next year’s version, I’m not so eager to see who (and what) has passed away in order to be included L

c) Finally, just a quick note of congratulations to designer Peter Saville (perhaps best-known for his memorable album covers for Joy Division and New Order, and a 2013 inductee into the ACHOF) as he’s been given one of his country’s top honors, becoming a CBE – a Commander of the British Empire – in the recently-announced “New Year Honours” List. Other notables from the entertainment business included in this year’s list were Elton John, Olivia Newton-John and film director Steve McQueen. more info at A founder of influential record label Factory Records, Saville responded to the news of the honor by noting that it “had been his great good fortune to work with some extraordinary people and it is with them in mind that respectfully I receive this honour”. Those of us in the album art fan world congratulate you, too.

And so, once again, that’s all for now – stay tuned and be on the lookout for timely news alerts on our news feed – – we’ll be back when we can with another monthly summary for you.

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