Featured Album Cover Artist – Pozzie Mazerati – about her Red Arrow campaign

Struck by a great idea – an interview with Pozzie Mazerati about her Red Arrow album art campaign

By Mike Goldstein, Curator, AlbumCoverHallofFame.com

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Red Arrow album artwork – where the original idea came from

Part of my work here at the Album Cover Hall of Fame is scouring the world to find stories about album artists, album cover art and the roles that design and image-making have in the marketing and packaging of music today. Recently, looking to find new leads for the site’s “Featured Fan Collection” area, I posted a request on the Musicpage.com web site – one of the many musician-oriented sites that provide folks in and around the music business with a place to meet online, exchange ideas and promote their works – looking for folks who might have good music art collections they’d be willing to share in a feature article. While I was looking for examples of peoples’ own collections, I was also presented with examples of how musicians have used album cover art to help promote their career and was particularly impressed with the “Red Arrow” campaign put together by Pozzie Mazerati, so I asked Pozzie for some additional information on herself and Red Arrow and am happy to present it to you today.

Interview with Pozzie Mazerati (late February, 2014) –  

Mike Goldstein, Curator, AlbumCoverHallofFame.com – Pozzie, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions about your “Red Arrow” campaign. As I told you when we first corresponded, I would like to learn more about how musical acts use album cover-related artwork to help promote their music, so if you could please explain how you’re using your Red Arrow album artwork to help build a fan base and sell more of your music, I’d love to learn more.

Pozzie Mazerati  – As you know, most record labels do not accept unsolicited CDs being mailed to them, but they never said anything about unsolicited art and so I took this idea of utilizing the name of my album Red Arrow and turned it into art. I basically used the concept for this “Red Arrow” art as a visual and somewhat artistic platform not only to gain the attention of individuals who are following my music but also to gain attention from artists in general. I wanted to incorporate this branding into my music push because of my background in fashion design and art. I was a fashion designer first and then came music. I love the idea of using both elements of art and music to convey a message and gain exposure.

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Red Arrows for your home or office.

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Red Arrow on radio

Mike Goldstein – Your site bio is focused on your music, so I’m hoping to get a little more info on your background. Are you trained in graphic arts, music, etc.? I read an interview in which it is said that a) you studied fashion and had designed costumes for film and b) you grew up in a musical household and that your father was a big musical influence. Was your father in the music business? Can you give me some of your costume design credits?

Pozzie Mazerati – My background and training since a child has been in fashion design and music. My mother and father met in music school, and shortly after had me. My dad traveled the world touring with artists like R. Kelly, SWV, Grover Washington and others. As a child, I was in a music group for a while that would perform at local malls, so music has always been a part of me – I’ve been around it my entire life.

Both my grandmothers were seamstresses and, as a child, I’d always accompany Betty, the grandmother who raised me, to the fashion district in New York. I would model clothes in fashion shows and always watch them sew. I had no idea it would guide me to later graduate with a BFA in fashion design and marketing then start my own fashion company. After graduating, I worked as a costume designer for film, television and theater. I’ve styled clients like Cherie Johnson (Punky Brewster), Kel Mitchell (Kenan & Kel), Steven Bauer (known for Scarface) and others and I’ve also worked on several feature films, styling a number of celebrities. One of my favorite film jobs was on Go For It, a dance movie in which I designed and constructed the wardrobe for the “dance battle” scenes.

Mike G – Please let us know about how these arrows are created and tell us how many of these you’ve sent, what sort of feedback you’ve received, etc.

Pozzie M – There are two basic sizes – large and small. The smaller ones are made from cardboard boxes. I just use a template to cut the arrows out from the cardboard then I spray paint them red. So far, I’ve sent out more than 100 arrows out in the smaller version. I have only sent about a handful out of the larger ones because they cost more to reproduce. I’ve sent these arrows across the world – they are in Germany, Paris and, while I’m on my trip to Africa in March, I’ll be leaving arrows behind there as well.

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Red arrows in production – getting ready to ship!

Mike G – Can you also give me some more info on the people who helped you do this? Is this YOUR art, or did you work with someone or a team of people to develop this marketing idea?

Pozzie M – As of right now I’m doing these arrows on my own. If I had help I’m sure I could reach wa-a-y-y more people, but I’m happy with the strides I have made so far. The people who have taken the photos, including producer Coli Sylla, plus Red Arrow fans around the world – holding my arrows and hashtag for social networks – also help in the success of this Red Arrow Campaign.

Mike G – Some of the photos you sent show you with celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Matt Barnes, etc. – how are they related to you or your career? Did you send them Red Arrow artwork?

Pozzie M – The celebrities I’m seen in photos with have all been “struck” – a term I use when someone has received a Red Arrow, either the art version or a copy of Red Arrow The Album.

Mike G – So, has sending these out “opened the door” for you in any meaningful and/or quantifiable way – with a label, with your fans, with retailers, with the press, etc.?

Pozzie M – It’s been something very different that has gotten the attention of magazines, bloggers and gained me many new fans because most people want to know what this arrow is! One way I get the attention of new fans is when other people post the arrows and hashtag me on social sites, along with my music link. I’ve lined up my targets and now these arrows are being released worldwide, letting me hit my targets one person at a time. Its then when people realize the true meaning of the Red Arrow – they learn it’s an album, not just art. I wanted the Red Arrow to represent a movement – it’s more than music. Overseas, my ability to connect with the people there was a lot easier -they embraced me as if I was already a platinum selling artist. The energy from the crowd was surreal. My music has also been received well in Germany, Japan, Toronto and areas in West Africa (Benin and Senegal).

Over time, I hope that this will continue to create a buzz for me. I wanted to use this way of marketing as a way to do something different. Every artist wants to do something innovative. This was my way of letting the world know that I’m here.

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Pozzie slinging her arrows!

For more information on Pozzie Mazerati and her Red Arrow campaign, please visit her web site at http://www.pozziemusic.com/

If you’d be interested in purchasing “Red Arrow” décor for your home or office, please send an email to Booking@PozzieMusic.com for more information.

Bonus content link – Here is a link to a song Pozzie released on Valentine’s Day titled “Stupid Cupid” – https://soundcloud.com/pozziemazerati/stupid-cupid

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